The following five items will be listed as a drop-down menu for the tab “About.” We invite volunteers who can commit and deliver the results. We also invite sponsors, and donors to carry on the work. Initially, it is India focused, and in 2021, it will go international – of all the work Muslims are contributing to make the world a better place for every human to live. 

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A Muslim is someone who cares for fellow humans, who empathizes with them, tells the truth, is trustworthy, he cares for the wellbeing of others,  stands up for the rights of every human being and seeks justice for all,  and around whom people feel secure. He is a conflict mitigated and a goodwill nurturer. This is the description of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).  More on the home page. 


1. To retain and strengthen friendships and support from all our neighbors from different faiths. 
2. To make new friends and keep all old friends and gain the goodwill of all friends.
3. To populate the internet search engines with the good deeds
4. To soften the attitudes of fellow humans towards Muslims (Long-term goal)



If you are interested in becoming a donor and a committed board member, please send an email to


Syedda Shahid is an ardent secularist and fierce advocate of the United Ummah. She is based in New Delhi and is a graduate of the National Institute of Fashion Technology. Currently, she is into garment export business and also passionate about writing and promoting good deeds done by Muslims around the globe to bring awareness to people who may not be familiar with the contributions of the Muslim world to the society in every walk of life.

Mufti Fazal Hamdard is an Islamic Interfaith Scholar. He is committed to teaching people of all religions to live in peace. All religions teach humanity. He is committed to uploading the videos on our Youtube Channel and I appreciate the spirit of volunteerism. 

Abdur Rahaman Muhammad is a volunteer and has served fellow Indians of all faiths, particularly the poor day laborers by providing some 40,000 Meals in and around Bangalore during the lockdown period of the Pandemic (www.feedingtheneedy.in). He is also a Global Ambassador with Stop Hunger Foundation (www.stop-hunger.org).

Ameena Taj is a Legal Practitioner and a volunteer. Her main focus is research on various concepts and adding different good things done by Muslims for fellow Indians.   

Syed Nabeel Shah – is working and building the website for us, we are grateful to him. 

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