India: Muslim man carries Hindu woman on his shoulder for 6km to save her life

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Arshad navigated through difficult terrain to ensure Nageshwaramma got medical assistance

Police constable Shaikh Arshad carrying 58-year-old Nageshwaramma after she fainted during a trek to the famous Tirumala temple.

Image Credit: Courtesy of Andhra Pradesh police department

Hyderabad: A Muslim police constable in Andhra Pradesh has won many hearts and accolades for saving the life of a Hindu woman who fainted during her trek to the famous hilltop temple of Tirumala.

Shaikh Arshad, a member of Special Police Party deployed on the trekking route in the hilly and forest area for security duty carried the 58-year-old devotee Mangi Nageswaramma to take her to a medical facility after she developed high blood pressure and was unable to walk any further.

The Special Police party while accompanying the devotees on the long route noticed the woman and her son desperately seeking help. Shaikh Arshad immediately picked her up on his shoulders and started running towards the nearest medical facility.

 Medical assistance

“He walked for almost 6 kms through the difficult terrain to ensure she gets the medical assistance”, state director general of police Gautam Sawang noted while patting the constable for his efforts.

Nageshwaramma was among the devotees who set on the pilgrimage by walk on the route known as “Annamayya route” from Mamanduru village in Kadapa district to go to the famous Sri Venkateshwara temple atop Tirumala Hills to fulfill a vow. It would have taken her and thousands of others like her two days to complete the pilgrimage ahead of the Ekadasi festival.

The same constable Arshad also helped another old and sick devotee Nageshwara Rao by carrying him on his shoulder to a bus stop from where he was taken to hospital.

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