Delhi: Jamia student designs quarantine centres with metal containers

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NEW DELHI: To solve the problem of space for quarantine centres and health facilities, a student of the architecture department at Jamia Millia Islamia has come up with a design to build portable and easily dismantlable structures with corrugated metal sheet containers. These containers can be customised easily to build quarantine centres and hospital isolation wards, claims the third-year student.

Kaif Ali had earlier suggested to the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) the use of containers to build shelters for refugees.

“During this pandemic, there is a need of advancement in every field that supports the medical system. Through architectural innovations, we can minimise the impact of the novel coronavirus-induced crisis,” Ali said.

According to his idea, containers of 2.5m x 6m size can be used to form a three-bed quarantine centre or to create a two-bed isolation ward for hospital patients.

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“Each container is cuboid in shape and can be used to easily construct portable, economical and easy-to-adapt structures. We can stack up to eight containers to create a 24-bed quarantine unit. A single container can create four toilet units for the patients. The quarantine units can be created in open spaces, such as DDA parks near hotspots, as each requires only 14,000 square metres of area,” explained Ali.


Ali said that the design could also be used by hospitals to set up isolation wards in their parking areas.

“CURA is an open-source design for emergency Covid-19 hospitals. It uses repurposed shipping containers to create plug-in intensive care units. The containers can also be used to create portable clinics or testing centres in hotspot areas. These containers can be sanitised regularly,” he added.


Ali has sent his design to all state governments for consideration and claims to have even got a response from the Karnataka government.


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