Muslim community celebrated Eid with migrants this year, making it a SabkiEid

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The grief, pain and fear of uncertainty that this pandemic has brought us is immense; the fear for oneself, fear for one’s family. 
But the real grief and pain is the state of the helpless poor and hungry migrants of our country. Migrant workers and daily wage earners across India are increasingly going hungry during the coronavirus pandemic and suffering under the country’s strictest lockdown. Going without food for days; not a rupee in the pocket. 
Deciding to join forces and do something special for these everyday heroes on Eid are a group of NGOs and individuals who decided to put a smile on the stressed faces of daily wagers and those who were hungry by distributing delicious, nourishing food to them.
Celebrating Eid with the migrants and making it #SabkiEid, gave them a reason to not only spread happiness in the day of the migrants but also celebrate their Eid with pure joy!

This drive was conducted in different locations all over the country such as Navi Mumbai, Kharghar, Panvel, Dhansar, Mumbra, Shilphata, Kalwa, Chembur in Mumbai; Hauz Rani, Khirki, Chirag Delhi, Savitri Nagar, Jagdamba Camp, Kumhar Basti, JJ Colony, North East Delhi, Mustafabad, Shiv Vihar in Delhi; Across Noida and Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh; Trans Gomti in Lucknow, Gurugram, and Bangalore. 
Through the medium of the drive, this group of individuals and NGOs managed to feed over 3 Lakh people, which is worthy of acclamation! Additionally, as a part of the drive, they also distributed dry ration to those in need, collectively helping over 2.5 Lakh people. 
Some of the names of these superheroes, who have gone out of their way to feed the hungry and spread nothing but pure joy on the faces of the less fortunate-
NGOs- Ajmal Foundation, Socio-Economic Empowerment Foundation of India (, Be Human, NonTrans, World Organization of Religion and Knowledge 
Individuals- Asif Modak, Firdaus Fraz, Dr. Shama Shareef, Farooq Siddiqui, Javed Beg, Umar Khan, Nadeem Yusha, Mohammad Murtaza, Sharib Hasan, Rashid Khan, Naseem Siddiqui, Yasir Siddiqui, Saleem, Anees Khan,Naeem, Shahid Khan, Sharique Khan,Haqiqat Ali,Firoz Khan,Nida Arshi, Maaz Sayed and Brothers. 
Most of the participants in the Eid drive have already been actively involved in relief work, during such trying times. They have all been reaching out to those in need by setting up stalls on the National Highway, distributing snacks and water bottles to over 1000 people on a daily basis for over 15 days when the migrant crisis was at its peak. 
These volunteers have also been helping the migrants out by distributing dry ration kits, migrant transit kits, face shields, refreshments to police on duty, assisting in making travel arrangements and helping migrants with monetary aid to enable them return to their homes safely, funding tickets, providing financial aid to the less fortunate senior citizens, donating to NGOs or individuals in need. 
The outcome is incredible, since this drive was initiated as a small contribution, however, saw more people and resources joining forces to come together to feed the hungry and helpless. 
The Eid drive was an emotional yet effective attempt at spreading smiles along the way! #EidLunchDrive #SabkiEid


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