Nasir Ahmed, Bengaluru-Wala

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The Algorithm That Transform The World. The Story Of Nasir Ahmed.

Nasir Ahmed was, until very recently, an unknown engineer and the man behind the discovery that allowed modern society to send image and video transmissions over the Internet. Since 1975, his creation has been key for the world to evolve, but it was only recently widely recognized in 2020, thanks to the show “This is Us /Episode: In the Room” which highlighted the positive impact that Nasir’s Algorithm had on every family during the COVID19 lockdown. Nasir Ahmed’s Algorithm is being used by billions of cameras everyday, but this is the first time Nasir and Queli, his wife and biggest supporter, get to tell their story to a camera in their own words.

The footage from “This is Us” is Courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox, All rights reserved.

Nasir Ahmed, we the Indians and Indian Muslims are proud of your contribution to the world.

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