Standing up for Sikhs

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Thank God for giving me the opportunity to serve fellow beings, I am writing about the work I have done in standing up for others.  I hope you would feel inspired to stand up for some other than you own.

I am blessed to have served about every community, and one of these days, I will complete the list from my work in the last thirty years 

Delhi Sikh Massacre
Taliban Harassment
UK’s denial in public service
French Harassment
United States
The killing of a Sikh in Arizona
Preventing Sikh’s name from the 9/11 Memorial
and now the Wisconsin shooting

There is a lot of work that needs to be done, on my part, here is a partial list of my involvement and work I was able to pull from Google. 

  1. Sikhs honored –
  2. Unity Day with Sikhs –
  3. Sikh Genocides Commemoration – 
  4. Sikh Genocide pictures –
  5. Huffington Post about Gurpurab –
  6. Harassment of Sikhs –
  7. Holocaust and Genocides –
  8. Defending Sikhs in Malaysia –
  9. Mike Ghouse speaking at Candle light vigil at Gurdwara –
  10. Sikh Temple Massacre –
  11. is the Sikh Shooting Christian Terrorism?
  12. Ramadan Iftar at Gurdwara –
  13. Holocaust and Genocides –
  14. Birthday of Guru Gobind Singh ––3-by-Mike-Ghouse-Guru-Gobind-Singh_Pluralist-Mike-Ghouse_Religion-Interfaith_Sikh-Guru-140107-725.html
  18. Resolving 500 year old Sikh-Muslim conflict –


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